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"My son Warren, who is now 18 years old, has suffered a mild hearing loss since..." more testimonials

About Us

Dr. Joanna Roufos, Audiologist has 15 years experience working with pediatrics through geriatrics. Former Executive Director of Lexington Hearing & Speech Center of the Lexington School for the Deaf and Adjunct Professor of Doctoral Studies at Saint Johnís University, Dr. Roufos has extensive experience in both the clinical and business aspects of audiology and a compassionate nature to serve those with communication difficulties. She has expanded her Queens practice in the winter of 2010 to NYC to work with Five Top Ear, Nose & Throat Head and Neck Surgeons of ManhattanOtolaryngology. Additionally, in the summer of 2010 she opened another office in Astoria, Queens in the Hellenic Medical Center. Dr. Roufos can communicate in Greek and American Sign Language.

Services provided include:

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations. Not sure if your hearing is normal? Are you always asking your family to repeat themselves? Do you have difficulty hearing the television? A Hearing Test is a diagnostic test aimed to help you and your loved ones determine if you have a hearing loss.

(Re)habilitation of Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes admitting that you have a hearing loss is difficult. New digital top of the line technology can help you hear and is almost invisible. Contact us for a free no obligation customized trial for you. Several assistive listening devices have been developed to help people listen in certain listening situations like the television, telephone or doorbell.

Comprehensive BalanceEvaluations

Many do not know that the balance system is in the inner ear. Several people experience dizziness, ringing in the ears and fullness and pressure that require specialty testing and treatment. If you suffer from any of these symptoms you should consult with your physician and/or Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor to obtain the appropriate audiologic specialty testing and medical care.

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